Daily Journal: March 11, 2023

This newfound rhythm of reading has reignited my hopes of reaching the coveted 64,000 total page goal for the current year. And yes, today was another successful outing for my daily quota.

Right now, my total sits at 202 pages, and with another reading session, the last of the day, this number should increase at least by 60 pages. The intention is to close off with the weekly quota, only 69 pages to do so, and with the most productive day ahead of me, this is shaping up to be exactly the type of week I should aim to repent for the 11 left in the calendar of year fifteen.

My total for the month of March is now 2,405 pages, representing almost 44%, putting in the perfect position to reach the halfway mark 12 days into the month. There’s still a matter of 800 pages to help balance out the slack that build up over the not so productive weeks of the year. This figure is not so farfetched, I have been known to have days of reading that well exceed those numbers. I’m not saying that it’s a done deal, but there’s a high probability that I could do it.

Maybe tomorrow, I can repeat what one of my short reading sessions did for me today, just not in the same location, sit quietly surrounded by some trees for 15 minutes, breath in, and get some reading done.

For now, I’ll follow the mantra that has upheld my journey thru the last months, “one page at a time,” and hopefully, the pathway should open up for me.

Off to read


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