Sunday’s reading

To close-out this week of reading, I find myself only 95 pages away of the weekly mandatory total, that’s 1,246 pages for each week.

On the broader scope, this finally chilly morning starts with just over 124 hours left on my “end of the year reading marathon”. My goal to finish this week is to be under 120 hours, and with at least 7,500 pages left to reach my other, a 10,000-page December, right now it sits at 7,883 pages.

For today, besides trying to chip away at the magnificent La estación de la calle Perdido, currently on page 609, I’ll try to get thru a couple of volumes that have been sitting in my TBR pile for a while, Ghost in Shell Volume and Berserk Desencadenado, the latter by one of my favorite comic book creators, Jeff Lemire.

And starting on December 17, I’ll dive into the first Star Wars readathon of the year, here’s a glimpse into what’s on queue for reading.

Off to read.


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