Farewell to the Vampire Queen

Yesterday, at the age of 80 years ,one of the most important writers in my life passed away. I am off course talking about Anne Rice.

Famous for creating the classic Vampire Chronicles, does Vampire Lestat ring any bells, her work expanded to more than that, taking on witches, Ramses, and even the Messiah himself.

My favorite work will always be The Servant of the Bones, so much that my alias in almost all of things I develop is azr, which is short for Azriel, the main character of this amazing novel.

The mystique of the character enthralled me, not so easily read, is he a ghost, an angel, or a demon, underlayed with an incredible sadness that he carries for all those centuries, but what finally settled my fascination was his hard fought redemption, we can feel haunted for what would seem like millennia, but we can always free ourselves from whatever encases us, even from suffocating solid gold.

In honor of our Queen, I’ll read this amazing story, and hear her powerful words resonate in my head.

Godspeed, Anne, you will be greatly missed.

Much love.


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