It’s the season to be merry

3 weeks until the end of 2021, and I’m going to make the best of them.

I still have a little under 132 hours left on my end of the year marathon, and 8,393 pages to reach that coveted 10,000 pages for the month of December.

Now I’ll activate the read whatever you can mode for the upcoming 3 weeks, this includes some new findings in today’s loot. Some Star Wars, some Conan the Barbarian, and my favorite chain smoking exorcist John Constantine.

Now, to take a good chunk of the incredible La estación de la Calle Perdido by China Mieville, which has been the find of the year for me, I knew his books were critically acclaimed, and with due justice, they’re richly complex worlds with a language and narrative that keeps you glued to the book.

In between the vast and intricate back alleys of New Crobuzon, I’ll squeeze in some of the masterful short stories by the greatly missed Ray Bradbury.

May my caffeine levels and light never diminish.

Off to read


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