A 10,000-page December, Don´t mind if I do.

As I update my digital files with the last days of reading for the month of November, including the bummer 0-page day to finish the month, it is evident that my pace has picked-up, but not quite where it should be.

The final tally for the month was 5,446 of the 5,340 projected for the month, a whole 106 pages of surplus. That leaves me 9,826 pages, this including the 5,518 projected for December, to get this ship back on track.

So, I asked myself, How about a 10,000-page month?, the clear answer is why not, never try it, never done it, what better time that now to challenge myself with new and ridiculous challenges.

On a positive note, the first two days of the month of December sum-up 538 pages, the perfect way to hit the ground running.

As the midway point of this year of reading approaches, it’s this Monday, December 6, the need to hit the milestone becomes almost unbearable, should be at 32,574 pages, currently, my total is 27,919 pages, those almost 5,000 pages that I have fallen behind with are the main goal for this intense month of reading.

I have a lot of amazing reading ahead of me, including the return to one of my favorite ‘verse, Firefly, let’s see what Mal and company are up to.

Off to read.


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