Daily Journal: April 12,2023

Yesterday’s reading got me back on track, and the whopping 340 total pages are a testament of that. Inch by inch, I’m working toward the next milestone, 50,000 pages. It’s so close that I can taste it.

My total for April is comfortably sitting on 4,494 pages, which gives me the perfect opportunity to close out this month’s page quota by the 15th. The perfect storm is brewing, and I’ll be damn if this forward momentum passes me by. There’s every possible sign that points to lining myself up for an extraordinary final push.

The other thing that has been moving along quite nicely is my journey to the first 500,000 pages. I’m only 34,373 pages away from that important milestone that, according to my projections, I should be arriving at that point on May 7, 2024. This date has been getting closer, and my hope is that by January 2024, that goal should be done.

But, in order to get all of this planning and scheming done, I have to do one particular thing, read. In that department, today’s accomplices will be the tenth volume of the Manga series Fairy Tail. This story promises us to dig into the murky of one of the guild’s most iconic members, Erza Scarlet. What secrets does the Tower of Heaven have in store for our band of misfits?

Let’s find out.

The other graphic novels on the queue is the first volume of the series Batman: Eternal, written by two of my favorite authors working on comic books right now, Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV. This story follows the growing tension between the Dark Knight and GCPD as a gang war errupts bringing new villains into play in an already chaotic city.

This is going to be a pretty good return to reading super heroe comic books that I have been putting off for several months out of simple exhaustion of the overly exploited genre.

Off to read.


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