Daily Journal: April 11, 2023

Yesterday turned out to be a bit underwhelming. My total was only 75 pages, about 5 minutes after I posted yesterday’s update, I succumbed to sleep, so I was not finishing or starting anything, just purely unadulterated rest.

Today’s story is a bit different. As I write this, my total is 311 pages with a couple of graphic novels under my belt. Yeah, the ones I planned to read yesterday. The important thing is that they are on their way to be tallied to keep things moving along.

Thanks to this boost on my reading, April’s total is now 4,454 pages, a solid 80% of the monthly quota, leaving only 886 pages to achieve it. Still, my intentions are to get it done by Saturday. This will leave the other 15 days of the month to chip away some of those pesky surplus pages from past weeks.

If everything goes according to plan, I’ll be crossing the 50,000-page threshold hand in hand with the other grand scheme of the week. From there, it’s a clear shot to the ultimate task of the year. I know that this newly found pace will be difficult to maintain, but I see no other way to arrive on time to the final destination.

The main motivation is to be 8 years, 1 month, and 27 days, from today, sitting down on a particular library, turning the final pages of my favorite books, and getting those coveted 1,000,000 pages. I know that is a bit early, but planning and scheming about that trip to close out my beloved project is well underway.

Emerald City, here we come, well, in around 8 years.

Off to read.


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