Daily Journal: April 3, 2023

I thought that a sort of “reading hangover ” was going to take over my this week’s activities. I mean, what was achieved last week was no easy task, but much to my delight, the reading rhythm has maintained a very decent pace.

My total for today is 280 pages, summing up, in only the third day of April, a total of 1,853, which represents almost 34% of the projected quota. I’m in desperate need of getting the numbers update post back on a weekly basis. There have been quite a few exciting developments, especially on the end dates of the first 500,000 and the whole project, not close to where they should be, but moving forward with each passing day.

With this in mind, I’ll try to squeeze in some more pages before the day is done, of course, in addition to what is already in the registered pages column, which are a couple of pretty interesting story.

First, a return from a few weeks of hiatus was volume number twenty-five of the Manga series Shaman King. The battle still rages on to close out the tournament and hopefully crown the new king of the Shamans. The story is always high paced and fun of action, with a very welcomed dose of acid humor.

The other graphic novel was the first work that the extremely talented Jeff Lemire wrote and illustrated, Lost Dogs, following the story of a behemoth of a man that loses his family in a tragic encounter, and finds himself crawling back from what could have been his watery grave, mind you, this is not a feelgood story with a happy ending, but as with all of the stories I have read from Mr. Lemire, it’s a necessity to read and to see how his particular style of illustration begins to emerge. It’s simply a delight to witness.

Off to read.


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