Daily Journal: April 2, 2023

Although this has been a historic week for my reading progress, there’s still one last thing I have to do in order to achieve, for the first time, what seems to be an impossible task, read the weekly quota three times over, that means a total of 3,780 pages.

I’m just 203 pages away from getting there. With a couple of hours left on reading day, the odds are looking tipping toward my favor. In addition to reaching this outstanding milestone, it will also mark one of the best starts to a new month of reading. The total for April, in only two days, is 1,349 pages, which represents almost 25% of the total quota for the month.

Things are getting to a rhythm that’s starting to show serious promise to get me over the 60,000 page mark, and even being really optimistic, getting the 64,847 pages that I projected for the year. This is all toward getting to that 1,000,000-page not only in time but also with a little panache.

Now, I must not get ahead of myself. There’s one more graphic novel left on my queue for today, Noragami: Stray God Vol. 8, this will leave with only 1 page to reach the goal, that’s where a couple of pages from The Book of Lost Tales will come really in handy.

I’m on these privileged position, thanks in part of the amazing graphic novels that were on this lazy Sunday TBR pile. I will not get into detail, being that I have more present matters to attend to, but you can see in the images below what comprise said material.

Off to read.



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