Daily Journal: March 26,2023

This has been a very redeeming day for this week’s reading. Right now, my total is 379 pages, and with a final reading line-up and ready to roll, I’ll probably finish the day bear the 500-page mark.

Also, the monthly quota is fast approaching the 5,000-page mark, only 75 pages to go, representing almost 90% complete. The weekly quota is a little more complicated to reach,there’s still 309 pages, and to be completely honest, I don’t think that with the time left on the day, this is not a feasible goal, but at least the effort will be made

The upcoming week will continue to be one focused on the epic journey that began yesterday with the first event of the year, Tolkien Reading Day, which was not as successful as last year, but non the less really enjoyable. I finally got to immerse in the inner workings of how Profesor Tolkien created the mythology of what is probably one of the most intricate worlds created in the vast tradition of the epic fantasy genre.

I’m really excited to keep exploring the twelve volume series that collects all the pieces of the puzzle that gave birth to Middle-Earth. The work that went into collecting and painstakingly decoding the vast amount of information created, mostly done by the professor’s own son, Christopher Tolkien, is admirable.

The one thing that stood out from today’s reading was a gem of a manga that I discovered thru my Kindle Unlimited membership. Sorami and the Guardian of the Forest follow the story of the quest of a little girl and a Golem in search of the rarest creatures in the land, human beings. Not only is the story really heartwarming, but the artwork is simply breathtaking. I will look for more work by its creator, Yako Gureishi.

Off to read.


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