Daily Journal: March 25, 2023

I’ll keep this one short and sweet because I’m way behind schedule, and, most importantly, I can wait to get back to reading the mesmerizing analysis of how Professor Tolkien created a whole mythology od the creation, and sometimes destruction, of his beloved world that we get to journey thru in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

Just to throw some numbers at you, my total for today is a pretty solid 55 pages, all of them being from The Book of Lost Tales Part One, being Tolkien Reading Day, this is just the perfect way to spend the day.

For the total quota of March, I have 4,546 pages, which represents almost 83% of the projected total for the whole month. These kinds of numbers give me much needed fuel to know that with just a bit of effort, those pages should start to roll in. My true challenge is getting past the quota, but not only that, but also get as much as possible of the 2,000 plus pages allocated to get this thing back on track.

To close out the night, I’ll first finish my current chapter of The History of Middle-Earth, The Music of the Anuir, and probably look for some new material to read I the remaining days of my Tolkien inspired marathon.

Off to read.


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