Daily Journal: March 15, 2023

Thus, we have arrived at the halfway point of March and let me tell you that I couldn’t be happier at the results so far.

I’ll start by saying that today’s quota has already been achieved. Currently, it is on a pretty decent 194 total page, with another session left on the day, there’s a few pages pending from Robin Hobb’s The Ship of Magic, quite a few if I’m being honest, which I’ll get to once this post is finished.

Coming back to the idea that I was toying with yesterday. I settled on using only an analog aid to keep track of my reading and to set daily goals to get me to the finish line before the first major event of the year, Tolkien Reading Day. On that note, today’s goals are or were, considering there’s only a couple of hours left on the day, as follows:

  • Read 66 pages from The Ship of Magic
  • Read 88 pages from H.P. Lovecraft: The Collection ( yeah, I’m serious about getting it done)
  • Read B.P.R.D: Hell on Earth Book 1 (already done)

As an added bonus, I also finished the seventh volume of the marvelous fantasy comic book series from Delcourt publishing, Elves, a breathtaking adventure with some of the best artwork I had the privilege to witness.

Before I leave you to go back to my reading, a thing that almost slipped my mind is updating my progress for the month of March. It’s sitting comfortably at 3,301 pages, which represents around 60% of the monthly quota. This gives me a real shot to not only fill the projected total but also try to chip away some of those pesky red numbers.

The magical seas await me patiently to husher my still overactive mind into the realms of calm and sleep. Let’s see what wondrous adventures await me aboard the magical ship.

Off to read.


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