Daily Journal: March 14, 2023

Today, I got a little bit earlier to finish with the page quota. Yesterday, I was around 100 pages away from the goal at 11:00 p.m., but as the last 12 days, the goal was met. Right now, there are only 33 pages left to reach the goal, which seems pretty feasible that I’ll be celebrating two weeks without fumbling my step.

Thanks to yesterday’s 191 pages, my push to get this ship back on track got a little bit closer. The total for March is sitting at 3,055, which represents 55% of the total monthly quota, and as last week’s results, the aim is to shave off some of the negative pages that have been slowly piling up.

I’m working around some goals, mainly to get thru a short list of reading before Tolkien Reading Day, which is on March 25, that will sum up around 4,000 pages and get me hitting some more milestones for the year.

I haven’t quite figured out what the best course of action is right now, but I’ll toy with some digital and analog aids to help me pin down specific little steps to reach the whole at the end of this path. I have a few ideas brewing for this, not quite a concrete concept yet, but I am getting there.

Today’s last session, I’ll continue with the first volume of B.P.R.D. : Hell on Earth, this one has put a couple of bullets straight to my fan boy heart, not to spoil anything, but damn, that really hurt.

Off to read, and try not to cry.


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