Daily Journal: March 7, 2023

After the first week of March, I have to say that things have gathered a special kind of inertia that wasn’t expected, but it’s more than welcome. The results speak for themselves, 1,617 total pages, which represents about 30% of the month’s quota, and most importantly, I have not missed the mark, that’s reading more than 178 pages per day, since the beginning of the month.

I have only 483 more days left on my challenge of zero blank days, which will also be the pacemaker for the remaining of my project. Consequently, today has also been a successful outing, with 189 pages under my belt, and one more session left on the day, it will probably end around 250 total pages.

Today’s reading has been mainly the second volume of the ronin Usagi Yojimbo. Right now, I’m on the legendary storyline of the lost sword Grasscutter, which will make or break the entire Empire. What will our fluffy heroe decide to do with such a powerful weapon that remains to be seen.

This volume is well over 600 pages. So, my focus remains on finishing by tomorrow, currently on page 322, and getting past the 40,000-page threshold, and then, hopefully, my path will end, at least for this year, on the summit that is the 64,000 pages projected for the year.

Off to read.


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