Daily Journal: March 6, 2023

Yesterday was an amazing day for my reading. Not only did I finish the hauntingly beautiful story that Cormac McCarthy weaved in The Border Trilogy, but I also read a total of 395 pages, getting me passed, just barely, the weekly quota. Hopefully, this will be the case for the foreseeable future.

Also, if I include today, my reading streak, of reading at least 150 pages per day, has just gone up to 6 days. This is the main key to getting the first leg of my journey done by the end of 2023.

After all the dust settled on what was a very productive reading day, I finally got around to tallying the amazing stories that were finished and, much to my delight, found that there’s only 386 left to hit the 40,000-page mark on this the fifteen year of my beloved project.

To help me complete this part of the journey, I will be embarking on new adventures with two of my favorite writers/creators.

First, on the book side of things,I’ll be coming back to the mesmerizing worlds created by the amazing talented Robin Hobb. On the first book, The Ship of Magic, of the Liveship Traders series, we will step aboard a sentient ship and its perilous journey to try and cross the Rain Wild River, if anything the previous series by this author is an indication of what is in store, this is going to be a breathtaking adventure.

Secondly, and from which I’m fast approaching the middle part of the book, there’s the joyous adventures of ronin Miyamoto Usagi, the cunning rabbit warrior and his adventures roaming the country side in search of himself and some redemption hidden away at the edge of his katana.

This amazing series, masterfully created by Stan Sakai, first saw light on 1984 and currently has around 219 issues. I choose for this particular endeavor to indulge in the digital edition of the Saga Collection, being the second volume of nine that comprise the epic saga of the gentle but deadly warrior.

Let’s keep things rolling and keep hitting those little steps toward the bigger picture.

Off to read.


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