More crawling, less walking

My recent progress with this year’s reading can be more accurately described as crawling more so than taking those little steps I so desperately need.

This week started with some pretty intimidating red numbers, 9,525 to be precise. Not a big shocker if your week finishes with a total of 412 of the 1,246 projected for each week.

But I’m not panicking, not yet, because even with the gargantuan task ahead of me, there’s still a little over 6 months to hit the mark.

The focus for the week will be twofold. Firstly, and as obvious as it may sound, read at least the 1,246 projected. Secondly, reach the number for these week’s “little steps”, roughly, a total of 1,642 pages for the week.

If everything goes well, there’s a big possibility that my “Magic Mondays” updates make a triumphant return. But for that to happen, I must go and recapture the missing magic.

Off to read


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