A, more or less triumphant, return

It has been more than a month since my last post, and things have been progressing not quite the way that I would have liked. Don’t misinterpret me, there´s has been some amazing days for my page count, but in all, my goal at this point of the game is still far into the horizon.

Let’s begin with the thing that concerns me the most, the 46 days that my reading schedule has fallen behind. By now I should be nearing 29,000 total pages for year 15. Although 20,181 it’s not a bad total if this pace is maintained, by the end of the year I’ll be looking at 47,046 total pages, again, not a bad result, but around 17,000 pages less than my projections.

The other spectrum that gives me a headache is the finish dates for the first 500,000 and consequently the full scope one this project’s namesake, the elusive 1,000,000 pages. Right now, my date for reaching the first monumental milestone is November 29, 2024, a full 19 months later than my original plan of reaching it by March 2023.

The whole enchilada is even more behind, 114 months to be precise. I’m looking to cross the finish line by November 2041, a full 9 years 7 months, and 16 days after my 50th birthday. But if these challenges didn’t present themselves, well, the whole spice of the thing would go out the door.

My focus is now pinpointed on taking little steps toward the bigger picture, to start, and hopefully, I found the one app to help me along the way, is to reach each and every day my minimal average, which is 178 pages, so far, at least for the month of November, this has been the case of 4 of the 12 days. The positive side of things is that my total is 1,615 pages and 11 hours and 23 minutes logged.

The images you see above are from the reading tracking app “Read More“, which has a very simple but effective interface that allows you to keep track without having to put a lot of time into updates, time that could be spent reading.

To close out this week of reading, my focus is to reach the total projected for the week, just 630 pages left, and hopefully add on around 242 pages which represent my “little steps” toward the bigger goal.

It’s good to be back.

Off to read



I didn’t not mention it ,but my grand total is currently at 436,557 pages, let´s go get those 63,443 pages

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