A bump in the road, or, the chasm of my reading lately

The month of September has been underwhelming for my reading, this is putting mildly. Right now, I am 26 days behind my reading schedule, and have 13,742 total pages for the year fifteen of reading.

Coming off an incredible year, has those who read this blog would known, I had over 65,000 total pages of reading, and finally, for the first time in almost a decade and a half, read one book each week.

With yesterday’s reading, a pretty good 214 total page day,a glimmer of hope has peak thru the proverbial shit-storm that has been my reading, I know that sounds dramatic, but my average for the this month is an underwhelming 58 daily pages, this includes two days with zero total pages read.

What’s in the agenda, firstly, finish the amazing first volume of the Omnibus series of the Legendary character from the Warhammer Fantasy line, Gotrek and Felix, right now, I´m on page 620, right in the middle of our heroes dealing with the underground threat of the Skavens, the humanlike mutated rats that stalk the underbelly of the Imperial series, it has been quite frankly, some of the best adventure stories of recent memory.

After this, I’ll try to go thru my TBR pile from my Kindle Unlimited newly renewed membership, and get back to basics, read at least for 4 half-hour sessions during the day, and maximize my reading during waiting periods.

It´s off to read for me.


2 thoughts on “A bump in the road, or, the chasm of my reading lately

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  1. September was a hard reading month for a lot of us, hopefully October is better! I have never read Warhammer but as a friend recently pointed out when I took a photo of my shelves, that particular omnibus strayed onto them somehow. He said it reads as a total standalone but I don’t know, it seems like a lot to try to get into! Anyway, hope October is better for you!

    1. Thanks, as for my October reading, things are looking up.
      I was familiar with the Warhammer tabletop game and miniatures, and I saw some of the novels in their website, which are pretty vast, but I never venture into the universe. The first Gotrek and Felix Omnibus was my first read, and I can say it hooked me right in.

      Hope October brings some better reading days.

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