Holding my breath before the plunge

To say that this past August was one of the most hectic months of recent memory will be an understatement.It has been to my present and futures endeavors a game changer, which, I’m pretty excited to take on, but in order to get things rolling, my massive reading session had to be put on hold.

Much to my surprise, the momentum that was created in the first few months of the current year, didn’t suffer as much. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t fallen behind my schedule, but not as drastically as my busy mind imagine.

So, I find myself two weeks behind schedule, and my total is roughly above the 13,000-pages mark. How, you may ask, am I going to get back on track, fairly easy. I’ll start with my morning mantra : one step at a time, one page at a time, and from there, the lost terrain shall be reclaim.

To get the first leg moving, and getting back my purpose realign with my path, I’ll go back to a familiar and trustworthy friend, fantasy stories, in the shape of the first Omnibus of legendary characters from the popular tabletop game Warhammer, Gotrek and Felix, following the mishaps of the tough as nails Dwarf and his human chronicler/poet companion.

Right now, I am on page 317 of this highly entertaining adventure, and feeling my reading spark reignited.

Off to read.


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