500,000-page watch: April 17,2022

I still have the crazy idea to reach my first half of the 1,000,000-page challenge by March 20, 2023. This means that I have 338 days to do so.

With the latest update my grand total stands at 404,306 pages, leaving me with 95,694 pages to reach this coveted part of my journey. With the recent success on my daily reading, there’s a real possibility to even get there sooner, leaving a little more time to go after the second half of my goal.

The daily average for getting there is 283, of which, I have surpassed in 8 of the last 9 days of reading. It’s quite the gargantuan task, and to be completely, my main concern is to amass the vast quantity of reading material to get it done.

On queue there’s 48,228 available, that’s doesn’t even scratch the surface of how many pages I have left to read, it represents around 10%, thankfully, there’s a lot of material available in my Kindle Unlimited membership.

Lots of things to cover to get pass the goal, but that’s part of what keeps it fun and fresh, testament to this is that I have been doing it for 1/3 of my life.

Off to read.


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