50-day trek

This is it, the final leg of my fourteen year of reading.

It has become a tradition for me to intensify my pace when the final days of each year loom over the horizon, and that moment starts right now. So you may ask, how things are shaping up? Well let me paint you a picture.

I have a total of 53,729 of the 64,942 pages of my goal. That leaves 11,213 left to read on this last 50 days, around 220 pages per day. My average right now is around 171 pages per day, so there’s some catching-up to do.

This will coincide with the other self-imposed challenge that has been lurking around for quite some time, read three times the weekly quota, which would be a total for each week of 3,738 pages, and a shiny badge at the end. The design for the badges are been development as we speak, and let me tell you, they are going to be magnificent.

I know that this task pretty doable, my total for this week is 2,185 pages, that’s 312 pages per day, and with maybe a couple of hundred pages more before the day ends, this is shaping up to be a successful outing.

I’ll try to get my first badge next week, and hopefully, with under 8,000 pages left, and a couple of reading marathons fast approaching, the goal will be met.

Off to read.


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