First week of 2022

To start off this new year’s, I’m trying out a new app to keep track, on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, how my reading is going. Also, some daily habits in order to the main objectives.

The app is called Goals , and you can keep track in different measurements, like pages, books, quantity, time, and many more. This gives me an instant sense of how things are shaping up, and if I need to pick up the pace in anything that’s slacking.

To start off, there’s 2 daily habits , read 178 and read for 2 hours.I must hit at least once a day.

And 4 main objectives, that go from the total of pages for year fourteen, thru my weekly minimal quota, and my goals, in pages and hours, for the month of January of this year.

I’ll be updating the monthly and weekly objectives as needed, and hopefully that red bar that stands out will be full come June 6.

Off to read.


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