Numbers: January 6, 2022

This is the first magic Monday update, I know is Thursday but I was enjoying my Christmas break so much that the status report of reading went over my head, but to keep a steady news feed of how things are going, starting on Monday, January 10, true Magic Mondays are making a comeback, along with two dormant sections of this blog. Caffeine Pilgrimage and The Table, my journey thru the growing coffee house and restaurant scene in the city.

Now, lets get down to business, the 52 book in 52 weeks challenge is still running smoothly, with still a few days left on week number 29, I´m about to reach the midway point on book number 31 of the year, the the first book, The Fifth Season, of the Hugo Award winning series The Broken Earth by the amazingly talented author N.K. Jemisin, from the first pages, this book grabs you and it doesn’t let go, the intricate patterns of the ironically named continent, The Stillness, brings another way to approach Fantasy, and how the author builds the world and its turmoil, just takes your breath away. I’m more that ready to jump into the next two books.

Now let’s talk about MY NUMBERS, the current total is 32,376 of the 64,952 pages of this year’s goal, that’s 1,710 registered pages more than last update.My next milestone is 40,000 pages, that as I mentioned before, and according to my projections, it should be reach by January 17, 2022. That leaves with 7,624 pages in about 11 days.

The end of the year projection of total pages lost a bit of ground, right now is at 56,159 pages, 242less pages than the last update. My reading schedule, which keeps me up at night, is now 29 days behind, this is a 2 day loss, this is something I have been struggling with, but as with everything, one step at a time.

I started week 29 with a deficit of 5,283 pages, and a total 6,480 pages to get back to balance, for December the monthly quota streak was lost, coming short by 311 pages, this is puts me in a bit of a disadvantage, with my sight pointed at those 40,000 pages, any little set back makes it much harder to start hitting a constant stride.

Now, for the first 500,000 pages, I have only 117,050 pages left, and the new date of reaching that goal is January 16, 2026, that’s 15 days earlier than the last projection, still my sights are pointed at March 20, 2023 as the desired date to reach the first half of the challenge, that gap narrowed from 1,050 to 1,035 days behind schedule.

The second part of the journey, or the other 500,000 pages, the weekly average needed is now 1,778 with a daily average of 254 pages, since the last projections, the daily average dropped 2 pages per day.

Now for the golden prize of 1,000,000 pages, to my delight, the projections puts it 7,789 days away, a 37 day gain from the last projection, making the end date is May 2, 2043, that’s 4,349 days after the original plan, 25 days less that the last projection. In spite of everything, I managed to edge closer to 2042, with my eye on the prize of the coveted end date of 2031, and the very special trip to close-out the final pages of my journey.

To summary the numbers from my Journey Back.

  • Pages to reach 500,000: 117,050 pages
  • Days to reach 1,000,000: 7,789 days
  • Days behind schedule: 4,349 days

Now back to work to reach the 40,000-page milestone.

Off to read.


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