5 days

Sunday, Funday, and for us is officially leftover Christmas turkey sandwiches.

But for me personally it’s the day to try and make some headway with my reading, yesterday was a pretty decent day, with a total of 155 pages, and one pretty fun movie.

That gives a total of 96 hours left on the “end of the year reading marathon” , and 5,914 pages on the 10,000-page December.

Quite the chunk of change to go thru,but as i said on passed posts, I’m enjoying the journey a lot, so the goal at the end is only the bonus.

As always, I’m hatching out new plans for next year, and getting ready to take on the remaining 34,000 plus pages left on the goal for this year of reading.

To start off todays session, I’ll continue with the second part of the Star Wars: Dark Nest trilogy, The Unseen Queen, and whatever there’s laying around my digital bookshelf.

Off to read.


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