6 days

The final stretch of this 2021, and the first half of the year fourteen of my reading project.

Just a quick recap of how things are going, I have still 97 hours on the “end of the year reading marathon “, that originally set me on a path to read at least 3 hours a day for the last 60 days of the year. On the other challenge, 10,000-page December, there’s still 5,989 pages to go.

Really large numbers on both instances, but let’s see how much I can chip away, because, honestly, the journey has been more satisfying than the actual goal.

To start the afternoon’s reading session, I’m going old school Star Wars with Han Solo at Stars’ End, written by the legendary Archie Goodwin in collaboration with famous Filipino artist Alfredo Alcala, this is just the perfect way to close out this amazing Christmas day.

Off to read.

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