9 days

Yesterday’s reading was pretty decent, almost hit the 300-page mark, just 6 pages under, and now the clock of the “end of the year reading marathon ” has 104 hours left.

On the 10,000-page December front, I still have 6,374 pages left, this gargantuan number doesn’t get me discouraged, somehow I’ll find a way to do it.

There are two things that encourage me, the first, I’m pretty sure that the 30,000-page mark for the year has been passed, if so, there’s a numbers post coming up later on the day, and the second is that I started a new book, Star Wars: Dark Nest, and read almost 150 pages in less than 2 hours, always a good sign.

I’ll draw up some numbers to see my overall progress, and spend the rest of the day chipping away at the clock and pages.

Off to read.


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