2 down, 50 to go

After a bit of a rough patch, I am glad to announce that the second book of the year os complete, I know almost 2 days after but better late that never.

Now it’s just a matter of playing catch-up, and trying to balance out as soon as possible my reading schedule, for me at the end of the day, come June 6 of next year, my list must have 52 finished books and more than 65,000 total pages.

Now my focus is to read a good chunk of the third volume of the Saga of the Seven Suns, Horizon Storms, the last book just broaden the scope of the cultures involved in this epic among the stars, all of this entwined with some really ancient, deep and dark political secrets that threaten the very existence of the universe.

Not to spoil anything but I do hope to see more of the ancient story of the vanished Klikiss civilization, and its involvement with the new players that appear on the already tumultuous scene.

Just as a side note, my total for this week is currently at 141 pages, just 2,082 more to balance out this year, and for this upcoming Friday, I plan to do the first report of how things are shaping up on the broader picture.

Off to read


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