The 100 page dilemma

Inspite my best efforts, and an intense reading session yesterday, I still have 100 page to go on last week’s book, A Forest of Stars.

Entering this way the third week of this new year of reading is not what I was hoping for, but as I always say, what is life without a little challenge.

This will be a pivotal week to keep things on track, the goal, let me tell you will not be easy, is to finish reading A Forest of Stars, hopefully by tonight, and start the third book of the Saga of the Seven Suns, Horizon Storms, this marks the switch to the digital versions of the series, and probably that’ll help me on the long run, the portability of the kindle helps to increase my reading sessions.

Finishing those two books in this week will cover only half of the weeks goals, now for the trickier part, reaching the total projected at the end of this week, around 3,700 registered pages.

That gives me little over 2,200 pages to read, with things rapidly precipitating towards that coveted summer vacation period, I am certain this will be a success.

Off to read.


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