Last day, 1 book, and 129 pages

Today is my 40th birthday, and thus, the end of my reading year.

I just finish the last story of the Wizards anthology, an amazing tale of stone and water mages by the extremely talented Orson Scott Card, I have a few of his books on next year’s reading list.

This moves the final goal I set to close out the year to small task, one more book that will give me more than the 129 pages that I need to reach 25,000 pages.

Said book is Réquiem por Tijuana, on page 34 of 163, which right now I’m enjoying with a cup of black coffee while I ponder what to read after the festivities, and how much coffee the human body can take.

Tomorrow I’ll post my end of the year recap, my new notebook to keep track of my daily reading, the goals for the year, and the first book of the upcoming year, focused on science fiction.

Off to celebrate.


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