1 day, 2 books, and 529 pages

It will appear than my progress toward crossing the 25,000-page mark for this year of reading has gone out the window, but fear not, everything is right on schedule.

I have the last story left on the Wizards anthology, Orson Scott Card’s Stonefather, which I am prepare to take on right about now, and I decided to finish the first volume of DC Comics 52, I left it on page 354 when I started my Star Wars readathon, it seems a great opportunity to finish this intriguing storyline and sum up a considerable amount of pages to the end of the year.

This morning’s reading started on a really high and funny note, this thanks to the amazing creator owned comic book I Hate Fairyland, by the brilliant Skottie Young.

The first issue is available for free in Comixology, and I just put all the volumes of Gertudre’s misadventures on my wish list.

On a side note, this week’s numbers report will be a close of the year post with my final tally and the goals for the upcoming year fourteen of reading.

Off to read.


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