49 days

I am 49 days away from the end of my reading year, and consequently, my 40th birthday, and as tradition mandates, today I start preparing the notebook for logging next year’s reading.

I must say that this notebook is simply astonishing.

I bought it on the Notebook Therapy, a store that specializes in Japanese and Korean stationary, and it’s a special edition Bullet journal named Tsuki Midnight Edition, with the particularity that it has black pages, and comes with some really special vibrant pens that shine beautifully.

Right now I am working on the first pages that contain all of the basic information of the Notebook, like my reading list, days left, weeks, time periods, and so on, probably by tomorrow I’ll upload some examples of finished pages in all their black glory.

I’ll get back to chipping away at The Crippled God, currently on page 183, and try to sum up some more pages before this lazy Sunday ends.

As I said on previous posts, the 37,984-page goal is really far-fetched, but my intention is to get as close as possible.

Off to read.


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