On the right track

This past few days have been progressing quite nicely.

I’m currently working on two books, Dust of Dreams, on page 248 of 816, and American Gods, on page 385 of 558.

The plan remains the same, finish both of them by next Wednesday, that leaves me with 741 pages left to read, I started with 1,271 pages, this means that the halfway point is within reach, just some measly 106 pages , I’ll try to reach during this evening’s reading.

My focus will be Dust of Dreams, this latter chapters of The Malazan Book of the Fallen have proven to be really encompassing, and full of depth, and to not miss any subtleties demands a slower more focused approach to reading.

I think a couple of chapters will do the trick, and will send to the Dreaming quite satisfied.

Off to read.


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