One down, two to go

I just finished the first , A Tolkien Miscellany, of the three books I set out to finish over my spring vacation break.

I still have two books and 951 pages ahead of me, 8 days of intensive reading in order to achieve this mini goal. To close out the night, I’ll try to make some headway with Dust of Dreams, currently on page 175 of 816.

Tomorrow it will be fully devoted to American Gods, currently on page 258 of 558, I have catch a good rhythm, and combining it with some comic books I can hit the over 150 pages mark for the fourth consecutive day.

On April 2, I’ll be posting how my numbers for this year had been progressing, my intention is to post every Friday about how the main progress of my journey to read 1,000,000 pages is shaping up.

This will include some projection of my finishing date, and the strategy for closing the gap, and getting up to speed with my long term goals.

Off to read.


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