Fifth day of “Seven days of reading “

Hope everyone had a merry and safe holidays, mine was filled with turkey and chocolate cake, and of course lots of reading.

Again I was fortunate enough to complete all three tasks for yesterday, and now I am 12 of 12.

  1. Read 50 pages outside
  2. Read 2 printed graphic novels
  3. Read 3 single issue comic books
  4. Read 300 total pages
  5. Read 1 digital graphic novel
  6. Read 2 digital graphic novels
  7. Read 50 pages in bed
  8. Read for 2 hours
  9. Read 300 total pages
  10. Read 100 pages on 1 room
  11. Read 50 pages while drinking red wine
  12. Read 300 total pages

For the first and second task, read 100 pages on 1 room, and read 50 pages while drinking red wine, I opted to stay in bed while dinner was cooking on the oven.

And to get me over the 300 total pages, which again I barely got there with 304 pages, there were two amazing graphic novel.

Starting with th DC universe villains wrecking havoc all over the multiverse in Year of the Villain : Hell Arisen, we got to see Perpetua and The Batman who Laughs facing off.

The second graphic novel was Frank Miller’s futuristic noir story, Hardboiled, which follows an insurance adjuster, and along the ride are to legends in their own accord illustrator Geof Darrow, and colorist Dave Stewart, a gorey sci-fi ride with amazing detailed art.

Now let’s see what the wheel has in store for me.

  1. Read 50 pages while drinking coffee (better known as every single day)
  2. Read 50 pages after midnight (here is where the coffee comes in handy)
  3. Read 200 pages from one book

I will be focusing on Reaper’s Gale, and fortunately by the end of this week of reading, I’ll will finish it.

For now, I am off to read.


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