Fourth day of “Seven Days of Reading”

At the halfway point of my week of reading, and i can stanley say that it has been a great success.

I finished all three tasks from yesterday , and that gives me 9 of 9.

  1. Read 50 pages outside
  2. Read 2 printed graphic novels
  3. Read 3 single issue comic books
  4. Read 300 total pages
  5. Read 1 digital graphic novel
  6. Read 2 digital graphic novels
  7. Read 50 pages in bed
  8. Read for 2 hours
  9. Read 300 total pages

The task of reading 50 pages in bed was the most challenging, for I am really hyperactive, and can seem to stay in one place.

The task of reading 2 hours was fairly easy , and the last, read 300 total pages, I just made it with a total of 301 pages.

I read about 52 pages of Reaper’s Gale, getting close to finishing, currently on page 726 of 1003.

Also, I read Tom Taylor’s Dceased, a great way tho incorporate Dark Seid’s Anti-Life equation and Zombies, it was a trill ride.

Lastly, I read the first issue of Green Lantern’s miniseries Black Stars, still in the helm the amazing Grant Morrison , who never disappoints.

Now let’s see what the wheel has in store for me today.

  1. Read 100 pages on 1 room
  2. Read 50 pages while drinking red wine ( oh no, the sacrifice!)
  3. Read 300 total pages

Great tasks for Christmas eve.

For now, I am off to read, and prepare a turkey.


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