(Y-11) Happy New Year

I hope your new year’s celebration was a blast and you are as psyched for the year to come.

I spent mine in bed, doing some binge watching with my wife, we decided to start watching Supernatural from the first season up to the thirteen, which the last available to stream on Prime Video.

But I also, in between breaks, I spend it reading.

An I am glad to inform you that it was my best day of all of the 31 from this, vacation period.

The total was 434 pages, this is thanks to that I finished the third volumes of Harbinger and Bloodshot, an all-out war of the psiops.

Also, I read three comic books by extraordinary writer and illustrator Becky Cloonan, these three stories are from her creator-owned series Ink and Thunder, whichever you choose they are fantastic, or better yet, read all three.

Also, I made a bit of headway with Deadhouse Gates, 19 pages, and currently on page 159, also I will be using a new app to track my reading, it is called Bookly, and my intention is to generate an infographic report of each book I read, which is one of the main things that attracted me to the app.

Let’s see how it plays out.

And with all of this reading, my total crossed the 9,000 page-mark.

9,300 to be precise, which gives me a lot of satisfaction, because at the beginning of December I set out to reach 8,000 pages and came out at the other end with much more.

In going thru my number for December, I came up with a total of 6,325 pages read that month, and all of the days above my minimum daily average, I just can see by the graphic below.

December numbers

Yes, I made a graphic, don’t judge me.

A very productive month I must say, I know that this is an atypical month, being almost all without school, at least in my case, but if I could only replicate a couple of time a year, I will be in great shape.

Concerning my reading schedule, and again thanks to this reading spurt, I am now only 17 days behind from the original calculations, and hopefully, by the end of January, this will be reduced dramatically.

Now I want to talk about how my last year of reading, 2018 of course, because as I have explained on other posts, the year of reading for my projects begins and ends in October.

Anyway, I’ll start with stats from Goodreads.

I won’t spoil any of the fun so you can check it out this pretty cool infographic. Here you can see my year of reading on Goodreads.

Just one thing, I did complete my goal of reading 100 books.

And for next year, I’ll keep the number at 100 and hopefully surpass it with flying colors, as I did this year.


On WordPress, my blog did fantastic, its best year to date.

I wrote 175 posts, which amount to 29,299 words, a whopping 20,000 more words than 2017, I have been doing my work and enjoying every single second of it.

The site received 70% more hits than 2017, which had a total of 626, compared to 1,062 from this year.

That I know, it could be small numbers to some, but for me, they are glorious.

stats 2018

The top three countries I received visits from were: The United States, Mexico (my country) and The United Kingdom, also, some happy surprises of countries that I have reached, like India or Finland, thanks to all for reading.

mapa 2018


So those are basically my stats for last year of blogging, in 2019 I hope to double down on my writing, and hopefully, this would reach more of persons in my effort to share this experience, for which I am truly grateful that so many take the time to read it.

Now for the near future of Lost in a Million Pages, let me tell you that I have big plans.

First of all, and in the context of the 24in48 readathon I will be participating at the end of January, I decided to start hosting little events with the idea to promote the literary and coffee culture that is becoming quite strong in my city, Ciudad Juarez, that is in Mexico.

I’ll start small, hosting a reading party for one of the sessions of the 24in48 readathon, this of course in one of my favorite local coffee house, more information coming soon.

The other thing is that probably by the end of March or the beginning of April I will reach 250,000 pages.

I am 7,673 pages from achieving it, and right now I am working with an artist friend to commemorate this joyous occasion, as with my events more information coming soon and a preview of the fantastic work he is doing.

So, I have a lot on my plate for this upcoming year.

But for now, I’ll kick back and enjoy so reading and gear up for what appears to be a busy and exciting year.

Happy Readings!!!



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