(Y-11) Last day of 2018 (Day 31 of 31)

This is the last day of this year, although my reading year still has 287 days ahead of it, the change of a calendar year it is something eventful.

I am pleased to inform that yesterday, thanks partly again to my insomnia, was a magnificent day of reading and I finished a couple of graphic novels.

First of them was one of the cross-over events of Valiant comics universe between Harbinger and Bloodshot, it was all out war and beautifully written by Joshua Dysart.


The second one took me to a not so pleasant trip to Angelville, where Jesse and Tulip had to endure Mr. Custer’s psychopathic family, only Garth Ennis can write those types of scenes.

Thanks to these two graphic novels I had my best day yet, 374 pages and this elevated my total to 8,885 pages for the year.

I’ll aim to reach 9,000 pages by the end of the day, just 115 pages to go, it should not be a problem.

On the book front, I only read 8 pages, currently on page 140.

Being the last day of my micro-project, of reading the minimum daily average, which is 146 pages per day, I think the first week of January will be perfect opportunity to dedicate my reading efforts solely to Deadhouse Gates.

And lastly, the gap in my reading schedule has closed down a bit more. Currently, I am 19 days behind, slow and steady wins the race.

I’ll probably go thru the third volume of Harbinger and ring in the new year with a Harry Potter marathon.

I hope you enjoy whichever are your plans for the new year’s celebration, stay safe out there.

Happy Readings!!!



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