(Y-10) closer and closer

Every day I inch closer to my 20,000-page goal.

So, I start the third day of this month with a total of 19,221 pages, just 779 pages to reach one of the high peaks of this year of reading.

Although my original goal coming into this year was 96,766 pages, a monumental task, I have become content with the idea of at least reading the total page count of the last two years combined, that is 33,734 total pages.

And that has become my immediate goal, but of course, I am shooting for at least in the 40,000-page realm, and how you may ask I will achieve this, well by reading of course.

These past three days have been quite productive, I finished a bunch of Batman: Detective Comics single issues and the second volume compiling the story arc of The Syndicate of Victims of this same title, these are of the new DC Comics storyline Rebirth, a significant reboot of all their main characters.

I should add that officially Batwoman is becoming one of my favorites characters of the Batman family, she is a total badass.



The next batch of comics on my to-read pile is, from the same reboot of The Batman, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, I have the two first story arcs, missed in some single issues and a trade paperback.

I am working slowly back to catch-up with the latest story timeline of DC Comics.

I expect to be really close to my 20,000-page goal by this weekend, all of this I considered it a dress rehearsal for the kick-ass readathon coming up shortly.

Getting into reading shape, now, back to it.


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