Book Two 2013, The Sound and the Fury

P1020572I’m going to start by saying that this is the most difficult book I have ever read. It is a true challenge trying to keep up with the narrative and at sometimes even with the time period.

That being said, I found the novel to be breathtaking.

Not following a linear story  you find yourself submerged in the inner thoughts of whomsoever is the narrator of that particular part.

In which you witness the downfall of the Compsons, an upper-class southern family.

The book consist of four parts. Each part, with the exception of the last one, is narrated by one of the Compson boys.The first, and in my opinion the most confusing, is looked through the eyes of Benjy, the youngest and who has diminished mental capacity. The Second part is narrated by the brilliant and tormented Quentin. The Third part is narrated by the money hungry Jason. The last part follows Dilsey, the black servant of the Compsons.

The story revolves around the same episodes, but each is explored from different points of view. This make it almost impossible to make a coherent synopsis of the story. Also, the narrators are not very reliable because they see things different.

Some motivated by rage and false ideals.

Some trapped in their very limited world.

So, if you’re going to read this novel, thread carefully, or you might get lost in the halls of the Old Compson Place.

So that’s 4,160 pages down, 45,582 pages to go.

Total Pages 115,740 pages

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