José Clemente Orozco and the craft beer (background music included)

During down time I had the opportunity to travel to the second largest city of Mexico, Guadalajara.

For most of the time things were relax and slow.

I mostly dedicated time to reading, eating and drinking.

One thing I really enjoy was some craft beers that, by accident, I stumble upon. Most of them were mexican and the rest british.

2013-01-01 11.03.44
From Left to Right: Newcastle Brown Ale, Hobgoblin, Calavera Dubbel de Abadía, Cucapá Clásica, Calavera American Pale Ale, Hidalgo Stout, Poe Brown Ale and Calavera Tripel de Abadía

As you can see in the picture above they were a few, but as my philosophy goes somebody had to drink them. The ones I enjoy the most were the Newcastle Brown Ale, Hobgoblin, Poe Brown Ale and Calavera American Pale Ale.

The other thing that required me getting out of  bed was going to visit the house/studio of the famous mexican muralist José Clemente Orozco and believe me it was worth it.  The house/studio only has one of his mural, it was originally made for a restaurant. When it closed the family bought it back.

2012-12-26 13.01.47

There was also a temporary exhibition from another artist.

As I walk the house the caretaker told me that to really enjoy his work I should visit “Hospicio Cabañas” where he painted a massive mural in the former chapel of what used to be a shelter for orphan children.

The mural is an impressive work, and experts say that is the culmination of the artist themes . There are no words to describe it, so better judge by the pictures

P1020359 P1020357 P1020362




It leaves you simply breathless to witness such raw power and execution. I’m not going even to attempt to describe it, words won’t do it justice.

On christmas eve I receive a very pleasant gift. My beautiful wife bought me some old vinyl records.



So I see a weekend full of music, excessive caffeine intake and of course lots of reading.

For now back to reading books No.2 and No.3

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