Daily Journal: April 5, 2023

Another very successful day of reading. Right now, my total for the day is 220, which brings the total of April to 2,285 pages, almost 42% of the projected quota. What impresses me the most is that I have kept the pace so steady, counting today, I’m on a 12-day streak of reading over the daily quota.

This has me on the brink of surpassing my first year of reading as the second best total of the fifteen years that this project has been active. The mark to achieve in order to put the current year only behind last year’s behemoth accomplishment is 47,705 pages. According to my last update, which includes today’s registered pages, there’s only 576 pages between me and that incredibly important milestone.

Speaking about today’s reading, I finally got around to reading one series that had been roaming around my nostalgic mind. I’m talking about the hit-series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin.

Not to give anything major, but as far as the new run of the famous, pizza eating, ninja swag Turtles, this is by far the best story-arc I have read. You should discard any image contributed by the many animated shows, which are great fun, but the comic book version of the Turtles, going all the way to their conception by Eastman and Laird in 1984, is a dark and gritty story. This particular arc, as the title suggests, is the story of one of the four, not going to spoil who it is, and his quest on a not so distance future and the latest high-tech incarnation of the Foot Clan, a must-read for anyone.

With the weekend fast approaching, my immediate goal is to position this year as the second best and do my best effort to get as close as possible to the 64,000-page.

Tick, Tock…the reading clock goes

Off to read.


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