Daily Journal: March 18, 2023

Yesterday, I broke my 16-day streak of reading 178 or more pages, being this my minimal daily quota for getting to the ultimate goal for the year. Fortunately, I did read 87 pages, so the other goal of having 490 consecutive days without any blank days still holds.

Right now, I have 111 total pages for the day and am still working toward restarting the streak to hold on to it for more than the measly 16 days that hold my current record of most consecutive days. With these two totals of reading, the month of March now sits at 3,702 total pages, representing a little over 67%, still pretty great results.

For my weekly reading quota, there’s still 263 pages left, with a few hours of total and the whole of a lazy Sunday to do so, I think there’s a pretty good chance to get it done.

I’ll be jumping between Robin Hobb’s The Ship of Magic and H.P. Lovecraft Collection to try and chip away at these two bog reward books. Also, I’ll throw some of the Delcourt comics series Dwarves into the mix to help as a palate cleanser from the more heavy-duty reading those two books represent. So far, it has helped to have this rhythm of reading, being that I have already finished volume five of the amazing series, and the sixth volume is just about to get done, I’ll stick to what is working.

I know that sometimes my tone comes out as a bit defeated, but nothing is farther from the truth than that. It’s just that I know that the results can be better. What I’m super excited to share is that today, we finally recorded the second episode of the podcast Estrellas y Dragones. In this particular episode, we tackle some ancient history of the vast and prolific universe of Warhammer Fantasy and give our impressions on the second volume of The Adventures of Gotrek and Felix, if you’re interested in hearing us rant for about an hour, click on the link below.

Hope you enjoy this latest installment.

Off to read.


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