Daily Journal: March 3, 2023

This boat keeps on rolling, I’m just 20 pages away to extend my streak to 3 glorious days of the 490 that I intend to go without doing 2 things, first and foremost, not to go a single day with 0 pages read, and two, try to get keep my totals in and around 150 pages.

Why 150 pages? Because is what I need to cross the 500,000-page mark by January 2024. Of course that my goal will always be the magic number that is 180 daily pages, but for now, I’ll take any wins I can get .

I’ll get back to working on getting those 20 remaining pages, with a sprinkle of Dr. STone and a dash of Cormac Mccarthy to close out my reading day.

Off to read.


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