Of Forgotten Things

As much as I like to use digital mediums to keep track of my reading, currently, I’m combining some simple spreadsheets with the readmore app, nothing beats the ol’ reliable analog tracking in the form of a journal mostly adapted from the Bullet Journal method, and enriched with so many ideas you can find all over the internet.

But to be completely honest, my two reading journals for years fourteen and the current year fifteen, are not quite up to date with all the amazing progress that these couple of years have given me, and to do them justice I have decided to take upon nice self to right the situation. It will be a monumental task, but they surely deserve it, and plus, this will leave a physical manifestation of my beloved project.

The smaller one, with the crescent moon on the cover is my journal for year fourteen, it is a Tsuki Midnight Edition from Notebook Therapy the cool of this particular notebook is that it has black pages and it came with a set of gel pencils. The taller one is my current journal and it is a Classic Squared Notebook from Moleskine, a pretty elegant and reliable brand.

Over the year I have tried to develop a tracking method that is both clear with the data and also integrates some graphic elements to represent my progress.

An element that both journals have is this page depicting the days I have left of reading for the year, but also it doubles as a tracker of how much I read each and every day with a color chart that is easy to read, I treat it as a calendar that you check off each passing day.

A new element that I incorporated into this year´s journal is the colorful spiral that you see above, each square represents a number of pages read, and it helps me visualize my monthly progress in a clear and colorful way, and to be honest, filling those squares is both satisfying and relaxing.

There are other elements integrated into my journals and as always these analog logs are constantly evolving into what I think they need to be to better represent my journey thru reading 1,000,000 pages. I’ll share a little more inside this precious book, and hopefully inspire, as so many beautiful examples that did this for me, to pick up a notebook and scribble away your ideas.

Off to read.


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