Numbers: July 18, 2022

Welcome to this installment of Magic Monday, also known as my weekly update, now starting it’s second week in a row being in the right day.

The year progressing quite beautifully, being hitting my mark, and everything is clicking just right. This includes is my perpetual challenge of reading 52 books on 52 weeks. Just as the seventh week starts, I’m working on the seventh book of the year, this kind of rhythm is hard to maintain, and keep it up for seven weeks in quite the accomplishment .

The book on the plate right is The Reaver, the fourth book of the Sundering series, the cataclysmic event that reshaped the Forgotten Realms, this particular book follows the quest of Anton Marivaldi of finding some ransom, but what he doesn’t know that the person in question could bring ill consequences to the existence of the world.

To keep my adventures on the vast world of Dungeons and Dragons, right now on my queue there are three graphic novels from the modern-era of this vast universe, starting of with an event that has repercussions in all the planes, The Shadowplague, the dark are determined to reduce the world into shadows, being left only a few beacons of hope from which new heroes arise.

Now let’s talk about MY NUMBERS, the current total is 8,074 of the 64,952 pages of this year’s goal, a pretty awesome progress of 2,004 pages for the week, and fast approaching, with only 656 pages left, the breaking of what I like to call the “worst year jinx”. Still, the 3,000 plus week, eludes me, but with this pass weeks results, two days with 400 or more pages, there’s only a matter of time that this too shall fall.

My reading schedule, the Achilles heel of the whole shebang, is finally looking-up, right now I’m three days ahead this gives me the focus to keep the pace and make the 70,000-page year a reality.

The mantra for every morning will continue to be:, one step at a time, one page at a time.

I start the week seven with a whopping surplus of 959 pages, given my breathing room to hit the upcoming week’s quota a little more relax. The quota for the month of July sits pretty comfortably at 70%, also ahead of schedule by around 600 pages.

For the first 500,000 pages, I have only 75,550 pages left, and the new date of reaching that goal is December 29, 2024 that’s 23 days earlier than the last projection, my sights are still pointed at March 20, 2023 as the desired date to reach the first half of the challenge, now I have 245 days to do so.The gap narrowed from 673 to 651 days behind schedule.

The second part of the journey, or the other 500,000 pages, my weekly pages needed are now 1,489 with a daily average of 213 pages, two daily pages less than the last projection.

Now for the golden prize of 1,000,000 pages, to my delight, the projections puts it 6,822 days away, a 47 day gain from the last projection, making the end date is March 22, 2041 that’s 3,578 days after the original plan, 44 days less that the last projection. I have to keep reminding myself that my goal is to reach my goal by my 50th birthday, right now, I would be 59 years 9 months, and 17 days old.

To summary the numbers from my Journey Back.

  • Pages to reach 500,000: 75,550 pages
  • Days to reach 1,000,000: 6,822 days
  • Days behind schedule: 3,578 days

Off to read.


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