The Forgotten Realms stories keep on rolling in

I have just finished the four volumes of Forgotten Realms Classics, they quite the treat, some old school , simple art with some adaptation of how the actions work in the table-top game, they call the name of the spells in runes, and you can see the translation in the footer.

Now I’m moving on to some more recent series, yesterday I read Shadow of the Vampire, that much to my surprise, has integrated some of the horror modules from the seminal campaigns of Ravenloft.

Right now I’m working on the next chapter, The Frost Giant’s Fury, and browsing thru what’s available in my Kindle Unlimited membership, I found two other volumes, they’re not directly follows my current read, that would be Evil at Baldur’s Gate and A Darkened Wish.

But I see no problem in reading first Infernal Tides and At the Spine of the World, and then going back to the previous volumes.

In between these amazing graphic novels, I’ll tackle the fourth book of the cataclysmic event known as The Sundering , with Richard Lee Byers’ The Reaver, we follow Anton Marivaldi’s incursions with some unsavory characters, that could have world-changing consequences.

The main for the weekend is to overtake my worst year of reading, I need only 1,602 in the next 13 day. It has become quite the superstitious tradition that if by the first 50 days of reading, if I haven’t reach said milestone, the itch starts to get a hold off me.

With that in mind, Off to read.


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