More adventures in the Forgotten Realms

Going thru my digital reading logs, I came to realize, and to be quite serendipitous, that I didn’t finishing reading the line-wide Forgotten Realms event of cataclysmic proportion, in this case, I do mean literally.

I’m talking about the six-part series if The Sundering, following the events after the destruction of the Tablets of Faith, where Chaos ensues, and reality itself becomes unstable.

Each novel is a stand-alone story, but do contain some Easter Eggs making reference to the other stories. This keep roaming in my mind, because it is mentioned quite a lot during the events off my current book, Hero, being Drizzt one of the heroes in those unsettling days.

I will finish reading this book, and I’ll jump into the three volumes left, The Reaver, The Sentinel, and The Herald, just by seeing the authors in charge of each one it’s a guarantee that this will end with a bang.

Off to read.


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