500,000-page watch: July 8, 2022

With 256 days left for my left imposed deadline, March 20, 2023, I tough that was a good time to see how things are shaping-up for the first 500,00 pages of this journey, and while we are here, give you a quick run down of this year’s numbers so far.

Starting with how things are going in the fifteen year of reading. Well, fortunately, I’m right on track to reach the 64,942. My current total is 5,626, and my average is 181 pages per day, just a little over the daily average needed to achieve this year´s goal.

In addition to the total pages, this year I added a new challenge, read at least 2 hours per day, so far, there are 48 hours tallied since the year started. You can see the run down of my challenges in the image below.

Using the Goals app to give quick track of my progress.

Now for the main concern, right now I still have 77,998 pages left, and according to my projections, I will be arriving to this milestone on January 21, 2025. This date puts me 674 days behind schedule. The challenge now is to read an average of 305 pages, not impossible, but mind you, quite the gargantuan task.

Off to read.


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