14 hours 31 minutes and 39 seconds, with a side order of 516 pages

There are around 52 hours left on the month of June, and there’s still some unfinished business with my projections.

The first part of the very long title of this post, the 14 hours and change thingy, will probably the most challenging one. I have a shoot if by tomorrow the clock strikes 12 hours or less, maybe there’s the possibility of squeezing 6 hours each day, a long shot, but not impossible.

The second bit of the unnecessarily long title, the one with the 500 pages, is the most realistic challenge to achieve. As things go on these evening’s reading, I’ll probably start tomorrow with around 300 pages left, for two days of reading it should be another normal couple of days.

Off to read, that the clock is not ticking away.


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