Results of the 1,500-page weekend

Not the way I was wishing to start of my fifteen year of reading, but the important thing is, that all in all, there was chocolate cake.

This weekend, my very ambitious plan, was to try and do two things, read a total of 1,500 pages, as per the title above, and possibly one of those day could be a 1,000-page day, well, neither of those things happened.

My total was 491 pages, being Sunday the best day with a total of 316 pages. This result does not dent my enthusiasm to tackle the next challenge, which start today, read 3 times the minimal weekly amount of projected pages. This means that, starting today, and finishing on Sunday, I’ll try to read a total of 3,738 pages, quite the chunk of change.

To help me along this gargantuan task, I´ll read some of the graphic novel that where part of my birthday bounty. I’m particularly excited to read Polvo by Antonio Malpica, at a quick glance, it looks right up the alley of the fantastic movie The City of Lost Children directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

Off to read.


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